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T&G Global and United Fresh Start Foundation Donate Salad Bar to Boston-area School

Jul 13, 2017

The old adage “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” is a lifestyle approach that Brooke High School students are taking seriously, especially when it comes to food options available at school. Before summer break, students in the Cooking Club at Brooke submitted a request to school administration to provide a salad bar in the school’s cafeteria, citing their desire for more fresh produce options to be made available at lunch. T&G Global, which grows and sells Envy™ apples in the US and other key markets learned about the students’ request and is partnering with the United Fresh Start Foundation, a founding partner of the national Salad Bars to
Schools™ initiative, to bring the students’ wish to fruition. T&G Global is donating a salad bar that will enable Brooke High School to offer a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables during their lunch service, as well as providing a supply of its Envy™ apples that will be delivered to the school throughout the year.

“This initiative is 100% driven by the students and their own motivation to eat healthier. We tested a pre-packaged salad program this year, which was very popular, but we heard from students that they wanted to elevate it to a ‘fresher level’ with additional produce choices and the ability to customize their own salads,” said Corey Yarbrough, Founding Director of Operations, Brooke High School at Brooke Charter Schools. “Offering a salad bar is something the administration fully supports, and we are so appreciative to T&G Global for helping make this possible.”

The salad bar addition is a pilot program that Brooke Charter Schools is testing at its High School campus and will consider extending to its three other K-8 campuses.

“We are delighted to support programs that encourage children to choose fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Joe Barsi, President, T&G Global North America. “The eating habits that students develop in school can last a lifetime, so having the opportunity to feature our Envy™ apples on their plates alongside other fresh foods is an honor, and one that we believe will benefit them long after graduation.”

“We helped start the Salad Bars to Schools™ initiative because we know that when kids have access to a variety of cut-up fresh fruits and vegetables, and when they are able to make their own choices, they select and eat more fresh produce,” said Andrew Marshall, Director, Programs and Partnerships for the United Fresh Start Foundation. “Working with a brand like Envy™ apples and a company like T&G that recognizes the importance of introducing students to fresh produce in school, along with their interest in supporting the student-led request for a salad bar, it just goes to
show how public-private partnerships can accelerate change, and lead to healthier kids.”

To date, the national Salad Bars to Schools™ initiative has raised more than $12.9 million, which has been used to provide salad bars to nearly 5,000 schools, benefitting 2.5 million kids nationwide.

The healthy school lunch initiative was founded in 2010 in support of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative.

This summer, T&G is hosting a Summer Roadshow Tour to transform more apple lovers into true believers by introducing taste buds to Envy™ apple’s memorable sweetness and delicate crispness.

The roadshow comes a few months after American consumers voted Envy™ their favorite apple.

Different from your average apple, Envy™ apples have very little browning when sliced which makes them ideal for cutting up in salads, serving with cheeses, or sending along pre-sliced in lunchboxes.

The roadshow will be in select Boston-area locations this July. As part of the summer campaign, T&G is giving away $200 Visa gift cards and a shipment of Envy™ apples to samplers each week. Plus, participants can enter a sweepstakes to win a grand prize of $2500 along with a shipment of Envy™ apples. For more information and to find out where you can sample Envy™ apples, visit


About T&G Global ENZAFRUIT Products, Inc.
T&G Global, formerly known within North America as ENZAFRUIT Products Inc or EPI, is currently celebrating 120 years in business. Headquartered in New Zealand, T&G is the country’s largest exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables. It owns the trademark to Envy™, JAZZ ™and Pacific Rose™ which are all grown in North America through partner growers to satisfy growing global demand. T&G has offices around the globe including Los Angeles and Wenatchee.

About United Fresh Start Foundation
The United Fresh Start Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization focused exclusively on increasing children’s access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Affiliated with the United Fresh Produce Association, the Foundation is committed to helping today’s children achieve the public health goal to make half their plate fruits and vegetables in order to live longer and healthier lives. The Foundation works to create an environment where kids have easy access to high-quality, great tasting and affordable fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring kids everywhere are Growing Up Fresh.

About Brooke Charter Schools
Brooke Charter Schools is a free, open-enrollment K-12 public charter school network in Boston. Our mission is to provide an academically rigorous public education to students from the cities of Boston and Chelsea that will ensure that they are prepared to enter into and succeed in college. For more information, visit



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