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Shared Passion Fuels Industry Collaboration

Jan 11, 2019

Tour de Fresh, hosted by the California Giant Foundation, is a four-day, 275-mile cycling fundraiser that benefits Salad Bars to Schools, a national initiative co-founded by the United Fresh Start Foundation.

California Giant Foundation is a leading supporter of this national movement, working closely with the United Fresh Start Foundation on providing salad bars to schools as a strategy for increasing children’s access to fresh fruits and vegetables every day at school. It’s the shared passion of the riders, California Giant Foundation and United Fresh Start Foundation that make the event possible.

Since its inaugural year in 2014, Tour de Fresh has collectively raised over $600,000, funding salad bars for more than 200 schools across the U.S.

The riders utilize their passion for physical fitness and cycling to fulfill another passion: increasing children’s access to fresh fruits and vegetables. California Giant Foundation chose to partner with the United Fresh Start Foundation on the Tour de Fresh because of its unique platform providing a fresh start for kids by increasing their access to fresh fruits and vegetables in schools, in communities and through businesses, as well as engaging folks who work in the produce industry, who also happen to be avid cyclists, around a common cause.

Tour de Fresh unites the produce industry, providing an opportunity to engage companies throughout the industry, from growers, retailers, and processors, and other supply chain partners, to collectively achieve the United Fresh Start Foundation’s mission of increasing children’s access to fresh produce.

“Salad bars are the perfect vehicle to accomplish our shared goal of providing fresh and healthy options for kids,” says Cindy Jewell, VP of Marketing for California Giant Berry Farms. “Each one of us involved with Tour de Fresh whether a rider, a sponsor or volunteer, is 100% dedicated to shortening the list of 300+ schools still on a waiting list for a salad bar in the U.S.”

Salad bars provide students with healthy choices, and research shows that they increase the amount and variety of fruits and vegetables students eat in schools. They can help children establish healthy lifestyle habits and the kids learn how good nutrition fuels a happy and balanced life.

2019’s Tour de Fresh event will begin October 12th in Monterey California, down the coastline of Big Sur, and ending in Anaheim on October 16th.

“This year will be a milestone for the Tour with the potential of reaching one million dollars raised that directly put fresh fruits and vegetables on the plates of hungry children across the country, since the event’s inception,” states Cindy.

The Tour de Fresh is doing great work to facilitate collaboration across the industry and bring folks together for a great cause. The United Fresh Start Foundation is committed to Tour de Fresh success in 2019!

By: Ben Massoud, Communications Manager, United Fresh Produce Association 

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